Saturday, August 2, 2014

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Now Available in India

Hi Guys
A while back, I was in need of food grade hydrogen peroxide in India. I looker for it everywhere, online and offline, but couldnt get it anywhere. I had to source it from UK then, which was quite difficult and expensive.
At that time, I decided if I am ever able to find food grade hydrogen peroxide in India (H2O2 in India), then I would surely make it available for other people looking for it.

So here I am. I have found a guy supplying food grade hydrogen peroxide in India to westerners living here, and needless to say, he is a very reliable guy.

So, if anyone of you need h2o2 in India, I have 50% h2o2 available for immediate shipment. Please contact me on
I also supply kefir grains, if you are interested. check

Have a great one!

I will be posting more blogs on the benefits of hydrogen peroxide.

Post a comment below if you wish so